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13th IAAS
terça-feira, 28 maio 2019 15:43
Ambulatory Surgery: a valuable approach for people living with diabetes
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Jan Eshuis, MD
| Anaesthesiology Amsterdam University Medical Center

On the second day of the 13th IAAS Congress in Porto, Dr. Jan Eshuis, anaesthesiologist at Amsterdam University, moderated a session on the topic of Ambulatory Surgery for the diabetic patient. In his opinion, this is probably the best approach for patients with well-regulated diabetes, since it causes very little disruption in their daily routines, antidiabetic medications and meal plans. Watch below the full interview.

When diabetes is not adequately managed, "there is more risk of wound dehiscence and worse outcomes, that is true", acknowledged Dr. Jan Eshuis. But, on the other hand, for patients with a well-regulated diabetes, the low invasiveness of Ambulatory Surgery should be related to better outcomes.

In fact, according to the expert, this approach presents many advantages versus conventional surgery. Although fasting is still required, there is a lower risk of dehydration since patients can drink clear liquids up to one or two hours before surgery, insulin can be reduced only one day before surgery, treatment with oral antidiabetic agents can even be maintained if the procedure is very short, and patients can go back to their normal meal intake within four or five hours after surgery.

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