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13th IAAS
terça-feira, 28 maio 2019 14:22
"The ministry of Health should incentivise this kind of procedures"
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Cláudia Medeiros Borges, MD
| Hospital Management

The second day of the 13th IAAS Congress in Porto was marked by a debate on the organizational aspects important to local Ambulatory Surgery policies. Dr. Cláudia Medeiros Borges participated in this session and gave some insights on the most relevant topics discussed, based on her long experience as a hospital manager. Check out the full interview below.

Although ambulatory surgeries represent "a good percentage" of elective surgeries, not all institutions are incorporating them as much into their daily practice as they probably could. The aim of the ministry of Health should be to identify who is doing "the right job" and promote this kind of initiative, explained Cláudia Borges.

On the topic of recycling, she admits there are no specific policies for Ambulatory Surgery and that this is "a very delicate issue within hospitals".

Here, professionals are focused on their routine duties and are generally "more keen to recycle at home than at their workplace". But even these culturally ingrained habits may be overcome with simple solutions: "to have the recycling facilities close to the professionals" may be a good starting point, as this experienced hospital manager suggests.

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