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13th IAAS
segunda, 27 maio 2019 19:23
New insights on head and neck procedures
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Jaime Vilaça, MD
| President Portuguese Society of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. Jaime Vilaça, president of the Portuguese Society of Minimally Invasive Surgery, highlighted some of the advantages of endoscopic thyroidectomy, an approach which, in his opinion, "perfectly suits the indications for Ambulatory Surgery". In this interview, the surgeon outlined the main topics presented on the first day of the 13th IAAS Congress, in his lecture "Video assisted thyroidectomy in AS". Watch the complete video below.

For Dr. Jaime Vilaça, the first obvious advantage of this approach that eliminates the need of cervical incision is that it leaves "no scar in the neck". Representing "a completely different approach from the conventional one". This technique does not compromise quality, providing great, high-definition images.

"We believe that we can increase safety [of the patients] with this approach", he explains. Other advantages of the technique include the extremely low rates of hematomas in the cervical area, preventing any risk of airway compression, and almost no pain reported, which makes it a totally recommended approach for young patients.

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