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13th IAAS
quarta, 29 maio 2019 12:21
A virtual reality experience to apply in real-life patients
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Carlos Magalhães, MD
| President Portuguese Ambulatory Surgery Association

Dr. Carlos Magalhães, president of the Portuguese Ambulatory Surgery Association (APCA), tested an innovative technology presented for the first time by MSD at the 13th IAAS congress. He believes this can be a very useful tool to help anaesthesiologists and surgeons understand and practice the use of anaesthetic agents, always ensuring the patient's safety and rapid recovery and the overall quality of surgical procedures. Learn more about this interactive experience watching the video below.

The technology presented by MSD consists of an augmented reality experience (an interactive experience where real-life objects are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information) simulating gastric sleeve surgery. This model allows the user to simulate the optimization of surgical conditions in two alternative ways: either through an increase in abdominal pressure or an increase in deep neuromuscular blockade.

The user can select the options to test, making it possible to perceive the hemodynamic and respiratory consequences of the increase in abdominal pressure versus the benefits of the increase in deep neuromuscular blockade. Deep neuromuscular blockade allows the maintenance of optimal surgical conditions until the end of the procedure, ensuring at the same time the patient's immobility. This technique had been associated with negative consequences in the past but the current use of the agent sugammadex allows a predictable, complete and rapid reversal of the neuromuscular blockade back to preoperative conditions.

This is the first time that the pharmaceutical industry makes use of Microsoft HoloLens technology to create an augmented reality model and also the first time that this innovative technology, specifically directed to assist anaesthesiologists and surgeons, is presented at an international congress.

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