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13th IAAS
terça, 28 maio 2019 16:28
Discussing the need of a caregiver 24 hours post-discharge
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Madhu Ahuja, MD
| Clinical director New Cross Hospital

The discharge criteria for Ambulatory Surgery requires having an adult carer for 24 hours post-surgery. This is not always feasible and may not be necessary for all cases, argues Dr. Madhu Ahuja, from the New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton, UK. In one of the sessions held on the second day of the IAAS 2019 Congress, this specialist discussed some alternative models that may be implemented for selected groups of patients. Listen to the full interview below.

Although it has been a well-established recommendation for many years, medical societies are starting to question if the need for a carer for 24 hours post-surgery should be a mandatory requirement for every patient or if a case-by-case approach should be used instead. Depending on the type of surgery the patient has had or if s/he is in severe pain, the patient may require a carer for less than 24 hours or for a much longer period, defends Dr. Madhu Ahuja.

Even if the patient needs care, whether for medical or personal reasons, and a caregiver is not available, "patients should not be denied the opportunity to have surgery as day surgery". It is probably time to discuss and test some alternative models for selected groups of patients.

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