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13th IAAS
terça, 28 maio 2019 11:27
The obese patient in Ambulatory Surgery
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Filipe Guerra, MD
| Surgery Hospital Particular do Algarve

Over the last years the number of ambulatory procedures in obese patients suffered a dramatic increase. Due to the higher risk of complications, these patients deserve special attention and "require more teaching than the others", explained Dr. Filipe Guerra, from Hospital Particular do Algarve. The portuguese surgeon participated in a session focused on Ambulatory Surgery in the context of obesity and briefly summarized the main topics discussed in this interview below.

"We have two kinds of surgeries in obese patients", clarified Dr. Filipe Guerra. Not only procedures to treat obesity but also other ambulatory procedures performed in obese patients are becoming more and more common. The complications in obese patients are different but can be managed with adequate teaching of patients and caregivers.

According to this surgeon, "Ambulatory Surgery is not only the procedure per se". Particularly in these special subgroups of patients, emphasis has to be given to education before and after the surgery.

And the key for success is, of course, the multidisciplinary involvement of the whole team, from surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses, to the hospital administration, and all other professionals involved in the pathway of Ambulatory Surgery.

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