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13th IAAS
segunda, 27 maio 2019 19:08
Pushing ENT procedures ahead in Ambulatory Surgery
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Karianne Hostmark, MD
| ENT surgeon County Hospital of Vestfold in Norway

Dr. Karianne Hostmark, ENT surgeon and leader of the Ambulatory Surgery Department at the County Hospital of Vestfold in Norway, believes some ENT procedures can be "pushed further" in paediatric patients. Admitting this topic is far from being consensual among the medical class, she brought the norwegian experience to the 13th IAAS Congress, with data supporting that many ENT procedures can be performed safely in ambulatory. Listen to the full interview below.

According to Dr. Karianne Hostmark, the most important aspects when performing ear, nose and throat (ENT) ambulatory procedures in paediatric patients is to ensure the correct selection of patients and to establish a good connection with the child's parents. The last is critical, so parents "know how to handle both pain and haemorrhage" that may occur after day surgery.

The well-established norway's national registry shows that these procedures are generally safe and provides a good record of complication rates, so this paediatric surgeon is confident that the data she shared during her session might encourage other ENT surgeons to follow the change as well.

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