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13th IAAS
segunda, 27 maio 2019 18:51
A tribute to Nicoll, a visionary ahead of his time
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Paulo Lemos, MD
| Consultant anaesthesiologist Centro Hospitalar e Universitário do Porto

James Handerson Nicoll was a scotish paediatric surgeon who, more than 100 years ago, showed to the medical community that Ambulatory Surgery was effective and safe, to the great benefit of patients. In his Nicoll Lecture, Dr. Paulo Lemos, consultant anaesthesiologist of Centro Hospitalar e Universitário do Porto, payed tribute to this visionary man, and highlighted the massive impact that this type of procedure can have in countries with less resources. Watch the complete interview below.

Ambulatory Surgery is not only a cost-saving procedure. It also allows, in many cases, a more efficient and faster recovery of patients in a safe environment, away from the potential risk of hospital infections. For Dr. Paulo Lemos, this marked the beginning of "modern Medicine".

And he adds, "if it was possible on those days, it is completely unacceptable that we don't do it today". The advantages of Ambulatory Surgery are not limited only to industrialized countries. Day surgery represents an opportunity for developing countries as well.

The anaesthesiologist feels honoured to have been invited to give this lecture and believes that we should apply Nicoll's teachings to modern practice and "promote more and more Ambulatory Surgery all over the world".

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