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13th IAAS
segunda, 27 maio 2019 17:14
Ambulatory Surgery: a global benefit
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Miguel Guimarães, MD
| President Portuguese Medical Association

The president of the Portuguese Medical Association, Dr. Miguel Guimarães, highlighted the benefits of Ambulatory Surgery for the healthcare system as a whole, not only for patients but also for the state's economy. In this interview, he also congratulated Dr. Carlos Magalhães, recently appointed as president of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS) for the biennium 2021-2023. Watch the video below.

For the president of the Portuguese Medical Association, Ambulatory Surgery is "an excellent indicator of the quality of healthcare" and represents a global benefit. For patients, allowing an earlier and less invasive intervention in most cases and faster recovery times, but also for the health system as a whole, decreasing the cost of healthcare and the burden on healthcare professionals.

In his words, "a stronger and better Ambulatory Surgery means a stronger and better public health service" and he is pleased to see physicians and other healthcare professionals coming together to discuss topics related to "an area in which teamwork is of utmost importance".

Praising the excellent work of the current president of the Portuguese Association of Ambulatory Surgery (APCA), Dr. Carlos Magalhães, and his team, Dr. Miguel Guimarães also took the occasion to applaud the recent election of this portuguese surgeon as the future IAAS president for the biennium 2021-2023.

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