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13th IAAS
segunda, 27 maio 2019 16:16
The 13th IAAS Congress welcomes more than 1300 delegates from around the world. Take a look at the best moments of the first day
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The 13th edition of the International Association for Ambulatory Surgery (IAAS) Congress has begun in the Portuguese city of Porto, in an event that will last until the 29th of May. Present at the opening ceremony, that took place today, were the faces of Ambulatory Surgery at a global level, to formally launch the activities of the international forum. During the next three days, some of the most recent topics in the area will be discussed, with a special attention on technology. Scroll through the gallery and take a look at the best moments so far.

Dr. Carlos Magalhães, president of the Portuguese Ambulatory Surgery Association (APCA), Prof. Luís Hidalgo, president of the Spanish Association for Ambulatory Surgery (ASECMA), Dr. Beverly K. Philip, president of the IAAS, and Prof. Doug McWhinnie, elected president of the IAAS (2019-2021), were some personalities that didn’t want to be left out.

Besides them, the session was also attended by the Mayor of Porto, Dr. Rui Moreira, the representative of the Portuguese Nurse Association, nurse Jorge Sousa, the Secretary of State of Health, Prof. Raquel Duarte, and the President of the Portuguese Medical Association, Dr. Miguel Guimarães.

“Ambulatory Surgery: the future is today” is the motto of this edition, given the importance of technology “in our daily practice”, said Prof. Douglas McWhinnie. “Technology gives us a new approach to the disease. Although we started later than other countries, we are always on time to recover”, ensured Prof. Miguel Guimarães.

In an auditorium full of specialists from around the world, Dr. Carlos Magalhães exalted the work developed by Finland, Cape Verde and Mozambique. Furthermore, he admitted being very honoured “to represent this big family in Portugal, that has excellent professionals”.

In this context, Prof. Raquel Duarte affirmed that “Ambulatory Surgery is the future of Surgery, and, because of that, we must continue to invest in it, since it shows great benefits for both patients and the State”.


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